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Rod Benson Concrete has been in business for over 18 years. Our company is based on honesty, integrity, and reputation. We pride ourselves on providing personal interaction with all of our clients.

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How We Work


Our process... A complete job from start to finish!

1. Removal and Excavation: Our first step is to remove and haul away the existing surface (old concrete, asphalt, dirt, etc.) We own and operate all of our equipment which ensures a fast and efficient job.

2. Fine Grade: The next step is to finish grade the existing soil. To ensure the strength and integrity of the new concrete we fine finish grade the existing soil with a 2x4 to ensure a very level surface.

3. Identify and Reinforce Stress Points: Once we identify the stress joints we reinforce them by digging out and around the weakness to provide for a thicker area of concrete and place re-bar diagonally across to help strengthen the entire area.

4. Steel Reinforcement: All our slabs come with proper steel reinforcement. Wire mesh is standard but we also provide the option of upgrading to a re-bar mesh grid.

5. Placement of Cement: All our concrete either meets or exceeds standard guidelines. All our finishers are highly experienced to provide for proper drainage and fall.

6. Expansion Joints: Proper placement of expansion joints is vital. We put in more expansion joints than our competition and depending on the situation may put in both hand and soff-cut joints.

7. Clean Up: We leave every job completely clean and take this part of the process very seriously.